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Breaking News Barca TV now on Asiasat-5 at 100.5*E (C-Band)
Barca-TV, a spanish sports/football channel i believe, now available on Asiasat-5 at 100.5*E (C-Band).

The channel property shows it as encrypted, however its FTA at the moment.

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1) PACTV_NY_LA_ENC2 (Scopus) 3744,V,6112 94% Thiacom 1 & 2 co-located 78.5°E
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(03-13-2012, 08:10 PM)Mr.AB Wrote: Barca-TV, a spanish sports/football channel i believe, now available on Asiasat-5 at 100.5*E (C-Band).

Yes, its indeed a Spanish Foot Ball Channel.
The words FCB stand for "Futbol Club Barcelona" (Foot Ball Club Barcelona)

Here is Logo of FCB

[Image: 10530_197415919304_197394889304_3875268_8321974_n.jpg]

Quote:On November 29, 1899, Hans Gamper founded Futbol Club Barcelona, along with eleven other enthusiasts of football, a game that was still largely unknown in this part of the world.

FC Barcelona has grown spectacularly in every area and has progressed into something much greater than a mere sports club, turning Barça’s ‘more than a club’ slogan into a reality.

Barça TV is the official television station of FC Barcelona is dedicated to providing information and entertainment from a Blaugrana point of view

The channel screened its first programme on July 27, 1999 under the guise Canal Barça. It was in 2004 that the name change came after the club regained the exclusive rights that until then had been owned by Telefónica Sports.

Currently Barça TV transmits 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and the programmes are dedicated exclusively to the club with particular interest paid to all areas of the football first team. There are also plenty of programmes about youth football, the sporting side of the club and the institutional activity at Camp Nou.

Information, entertainment, first team football matches and action from all the other sports teams, including live coverage of the Barça youth matches in every category, historic FC Barcelona games and specific programmes that show behind the scenes and the social role the club plays are among the main content of the programming of Barça TV.

Since December 13, 2008 Barça TV can be seen for free on TDT within Catalunya after a change was made to bring it further into live with the needs and desires of the club's members and supporters. At the same time Barça TV is broadcast as a pay-per-view channel on satellite and cable networks outside of Catalunya in Spain.

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