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Breaking News Tata sky multi TV connection price and new futures full detail
TataSky launching Universal TSK from 25th Sep
Common Tata Sky Activation Kit for SD , HD and HD PVR

Tata Sky is launching the Universal TSK w.e.f. September 25, 2012, the Universal TSK is a single TSK (single SKU) that would be used for activating any type of box – as against having different TSKs for each box type.

The customer will still have to choose the box & package type from the available acquisition offer. The Activation & Installation fee could differ based on box type being activated – depending on the combo offer, box type & if the asset is Primary or MultiTV.

The Universal TSKs would be available in the market wef 1 October 2012.

With the launch of the Universal TSK functionality, the MultiTV pricing has been lowered.

Have a look at the below table for pricing and offer details :


What is the Universal TSK?

Instead of separate TSKs for SD Zapper, HD Zapper & HD PVR, Tata Sky now has introduced a Universal TSK. This TSK can be used for the activation of any asset.

How does it work?

Its just like it does now – there is no change. The customer has a choice of activating either an SD or HD Zapper or HD PVR box with any of the available acquisitions offers.

What would be the process for activating a MultiTV/upgrade connection?

The Universal TSK would apply to MultiTV/Upgrade connections as well & the process of purchase, installation & activation undergo no change from the current process. However the monthly subscription of any HD box (HD Zapper or HD PVR) getting activated as MultiTV will be Rs 200.
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