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Dish TV adds 'New English Channels Promo' on Channel No: 25
Dish TV adds 'New English Channels Promo' on Channel No: 25

[Image: 25a57iv.jpg]

[Image: 2rr52c0.jpg]

[Image: 21mwa5e.jpg]
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Actually Food First Channel is also part of English Entertainment a-la-carte pack. However the channel is not available since last 3-4 weeks. (The channel is similar to Zee Khana Khazana and might have been removed probably to see that Zee Khana Khazana's ratings won't dip). I had questioned about Food First's non-availability in Dish TV's Facebook Page 4/5 times, but didn't get any respponse from them. In this promo channel, Dish cleverly skipped Food First, however the website exhibits 'Food First' to be part of Eng. Entertainment Pack

[Image: bhfxtz.jpg]

I think, shortly they'll update the website too..
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The Promo Channel has been removed.
Another Promo "Record Unlimited" has been added on Channel No: 204
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As apprehended by me, Food First has been removed from Eng Ent + Joy

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