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IDF Exclusive : Various Tatasky Bouquet services...
Tatasky have many Bouquet services... there r differant types of Bouquets .. like in HD the Bouquet name is HD  Zapper .. .its differant in Differant services/Box  in SD,HD,HDPVR,4K... They r using differant channels in differant bouquets according to the names and services...
Here is list i got...

Bouquet Name: HD4K,Bouquet ID 24834
Bouquet Name: HD Zapper,Bouquet ID 24839
Bouquet Name: Campaign 1,Bouquet ID 26368
Bouquet Name: Hotel 1,Bouquet ID 24840
Bouquet Name: Campaign 5,Bouquet ID 26372
Bouquet Name: Introductory,Bouquet ID 24835
Bouquet Name: Campaign 2,Bouquet ID 26369
Bouquet Name: Promo Bouquet,Bouquet ID 24843
Bouquet Name: Promo Bouquet 2,Bouquet ID 24832
Bouquet Name: Commercial One,Bouquet ID 24836
Bouquet Name: Kids,Bouquet ID 24837
Bouquet Name: Commercial Two,Bouquet ID 24838
Bouquet Name: Campaign 3,Bouquet ID 26370
Bouquet Name: ITV_TEST,Bouquet ID 24846
Bouquet Name: HDPVR,Bouquet ID 24833
Bouquet Name: Test,Bouquet ID 24847
Bouquet Name: Campaign 4,Bouquet ID 26371

Thanks given by: nairrk , THAKUR 4K
Tatasky launched 1 more Bouquet...

Bouquet Name: Training Bouquet ,Bouquet ID 24845
Thanks given by:
1 More Bouquet has been launched by Tatasky...

Bouquet Name: Taj Hotel

only 4 Hotel channels added in this Bouquet..

Thanks given by: THAKUR 4K
Now they have removed the Taj Hotel Bouquet from the list... may be they have tested will add later...
Thanks given by:
Tatasky added 2 More Bouquets now... They have activated Taj Hotel bouquet again.. Also added Campaign 6 Bouquet .. Now total 20 Bouquet is available...
Bouquet Name: Taj Hotel,Bouquet ID 24841
Bouquet Name: Campaign 6,Bouquet ID 26373

Thanks given by:


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