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My Monobloc LNB of Dish TV
As I have already said in my thread about an offer of 9 English Channels for one year + Monoblock LNB along with installation for Rs. 600, I had booked it three days back. Today the LNB is fixed.

In getting the pack activated, my experience is very bitter. The SMS code specified in the image is giving 'wrong syntax' reply. After 3 attempts, I had given mail from online portal about the problem. I got a reply to send another syntax which is for HD subscribers. Again I had to complaint the same. At last I had got a phone call from CC and they have booked my order. As my account balance is 750+, I was told that the required amount of Rs. 600/- would be debited from my account. I said O.K. Later I got a call from Local dealer. She wanted to enquire about my complaint, as she didn't understand anything. The local diealer & their technicians are ignorant of the offer. I had to explain about the offer. Then she replied that she would revert back shortly.

In the evening again, I got a call from the local dealer and informed that I had to Pay Rs. 600 for them, as sated by Dish CC (will not be debited from my account). Of the Rs. 600, 150 will be for dealer (for replacing the LNB) and the rest 450 will be credited to my account. I had enquired the same again with CC and the representative too is unaware of what is to be done.

Today my LNB has been replaced after paying Rs. 600 and an amount of Rs. 450 was credited in my account. Even, I got a message that my account is recharged and the due date is extended accordingly. Again I have given a mail about it this evening and waiting for their reply. I'll have to see whether the correct pack will be activated or not.

BTW, here are a few snaps of my monoblock LNB

[Image: 24cfomf.jpg]

[Image: 28200vc.jpg]

[Image: 208hgs9.jpg]

[Image: 2meqotc.jpg]
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I am receiving the Asiasat Sigbals and also the recently launched channels - including Ten Golf - as they are under free previw. I'll post screen shots of the same shortly.
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[Image: xLpJH.jpg]

[Image: oFZ9d.jpg]

[Image: LplxU.jpg]

[Image: YyP5z.jpg]

[Image: 8DmZ0.jpg]

[Image: CglvY.jpg]

[Image: ZvnCV.jpg]

[Image: CZdu1.jpg]

[Image: MZWHG.jpg]

[Image: 230T9.jpg]
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Surely a good deal for DishTV Users. Can we expect more channels from AS-5; I think that could be the reson for them to promote more on Monoblock set-up and then they can add more channels on it?
Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.. for tomorrow never comes.. live today!!!
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(03-26-2012, 10:51 PM)Mr.AB Wrote: Surely a good deal for DishTV Users. Can we expect more channels from AS-5; I think that could be the reson for them to promote more on Monoblock set-up and then they can add more channels on it?

Absolutely a very nice deal. Just when I was enquiring locally about the Monoblock LNB, I found the offer. About 15 SD channels are being broadcast from Asiasat 5 besides HD channels. So Dish TV too would like spare mono block LNB for its users under the name of some offer or the other. I doubt, after a few months, all the new subscribers will be provided with Monoblock LNB
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Besides the above 10 channels - Vasanth TV, Raj Digital Plus, News 24, Dabangg and Topper SD channels are also broadcast on AS 5. Except Topper & Dabangg, remaining three are part of my pack. Here are SS

[Image: JJphh.jpg]

[Image: 5tUT2.jpg]

[Image: KbVb9.jpg]
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(03-26-2012, 08:31 PM)samanth Wrote: [align=justify]As I have already said in
[Image: 208hgs9.jpg]

What are other accessories in that box?

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(03-27-2012, 10:13 AM)MAX Wrote: What are other accessories in that box?

Not related with Monoblock LNB. That Box captured in the image is of the technician, in which other LNBs, Cable besides other hardware items are there.
Nice observation mate Tongue
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Acc to cc Dishtv will add only English and other language channels frm asiasat5.cC said that
Punjabi and Hindi channels will be add through NSS6.Very soon
Dabang will be on nss6
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Dish TV and Dish Network are the same company, and offer the same services to all customers.

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