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New Connection Offers by DISH TV
This the full detailed informations about All Offers by DISH TV . hope this will be usefull ,Smile

New Connection Offers :

All India :
Gold Saver Offer

[Image: aviarydishtvinpicture1.jpg]

Child Connection
Multi TV connection also called the child connection. If you have multiple T.V sets at your home, then with this facility you can enjoy 2nd, 3rd, 4th dishtv connections at a much lower price. All you have to pay is Rs. 170 (top 28 cities) or Rs. 230/- (other cities).
[Image: aviarydishtvinpicture1.jpg]

Platinum Offer

[Image: 12408725.jpg]

Fantastic Football Offer

[Image: 47377611.jpg]

Sports Unlimited Offer

[Image: 89900413.jpg]

Complete Home Entertainment Offer

[Image: 74980837.jpg]

South special Offers

World Cup se World Cup tak Offer

[Image: 93235816.jpg]

Sports Unlimited Offer

[Image: 53267823.jpg]

The top 28 cities r:
[Image: 31460961.jpg]
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[Image: South-Offer.jpg]
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