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V2H party time - here some voice from D2H users.
thanks Face Book

Infinte number of thanks to my lovable d2h..Keep adding more good channels like as Movies OK,Kanak TV Odia,Kamyab TV etc.

Awesome Work D2H.. best DTH provider in India. Plz add some Telugu channels.

Txs videocon but we want Movies Ok.....plz plz

Vaah what a performes. Apne ek sath 16 channel add karke pichhale 6 maah ki kami puri kar di & siddh kar diya sau sunar ki ek luhar ki . Great action.

You god of the dth

Better and bigger than all...Thanks

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videocon d2h adds sun hd channels it is a big party time
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hi i know your expectation,but it is not possible.because sun group always like to dominate others,sometimes behave like childish.
still they are struggle to give SD channels relay rights to other MSOs,so HD is miracle.but i to wish they should change their maid to give HD to others.
if sun musics HD comes, surely they fix at least 150 bugs for it OK for you?
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added not 1, 2, 3 but 21 NEW CHANNELS including 4 NEW HD AND 1 3D channels... KUDOS !!!!

now thats wat i call the greatest dth compony in india.

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Good but they still are missing Ten Golf & Neo Cricket will be removed soon . So their claim as having the highest no. of sports channels is not true I suppose ...........
Dish TV has the highest no. of Sports Channels I suppose ............
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V2H have HD version of Star Cricket and ESPN.
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