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1 CBand dish , 2 Stb, What to Do
Hello ,
I am in need of Urgent Help , I have a 6 ft Cband Dish (Universal Brand) Connected to my Melbon Stb , i Am using it to recieve peacetv in my room ,now my brother also want to watch it in his room , can you tell me what is needed to done with my current setup , i want both the connection to operate independently, i am ready to purchase another melbon stb (at is Cheap Cost only 1000 Rs) , also now i have dual polarity single output lnbf ,so does using a dual output lnbf will solve my problem ,or my channels will be splitted as when i asked a engineer who did this setup for me told me channels will be splitted if you use dual output lnbf , i need your suggestion as what can be done to solve my problem

also i have 2 Tatasky lnb one with one output and other with 3 output , can I use it place next to my current cband lnbf and connect it to my melbon Stb , does it will work

also , it is difficult to find a Dual output Cband Lnbf in mumbai (india) , but i think single output lnbf is easier to find , so if i buy 1 single output lnbf and place it next to my current cband lnbf , will this works

, pleaaase help me i would be really thanksful to your Guys

Ps:my Only Purpose of Buying a Cband dish is to watch peacetv , i dont care Whether I get Other Channels or not , but peactv is needed
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U have to buy a splitter = called as POWER DIVIDER.connect the main cable to IN then 2 cable to 2 stb from output:up: it will work.u can connect extra lnb to ur dish and it will work.
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mr.bhat what is power divider? can you plz give me some details?.........:laugh:
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@ Ananya This is called POWER DIVIDER or SPLITTER .in this we can connect 2 STB in single lnb cable Smile we can watch all channels available from that lnb in 2 STB :up:

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Hello , I Just a Visited a Shop Today Looking for Cband Dual Output Lnb , First He ask what Are you needing it for , i told him about the my problem and told that i want to watch Peactv , Qtv and other Channels , he told that Cband Dual output Lnb Will split Your Channel , one outputs you Will get peactv and on other Output you will Get Q - tv , I want to Ask is these really Can happen, As Dual output lnb Can Really divide the Horizontal and Vertical Frequency to Different Outputs ,

He Suggest me this

If you want to Watch only Peactv only then use powerdivider
If you want to Watch to Peactv along with Qtv and other channel then Use Dual output Lnb With power Divider

Here are the cost what he told me are they correct

Lnb- 400
Feedhorn -250
Labour charges -550

please help me
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1st r u using any DTH ? if u have single out dual polarity lnb already then u have to only buy POWER DIVIDER ,no need to buy another dual output lnb.u can connect to both STB and recieve all channels in H & V signals .the price of POWER DIVIDER looks very heigh :blue: others r reasonable.
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(10-20-2009, 06:12 PM)mtbhat Wrote: 1st r u using any DTH ? if u have single out dual polarity lnb already then u have to only buy POWER DIVIDER ,no need to buy another dual output lnb.u can connect to both STB and recieve all channels in H & V signals .the price of POWER DIVIDER looks very heigh :blue: others r reasonable.

No , i Am just using it to Recieve Fta channels like Peactv , Qtv Which Which are Not Available in india , thanks for your help , but everybody say Channel will get splitted , can you tell me why do Channels get Splitted?,when do theses happens , just want to know
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can you tell me how to install the power divider , does it needed to install the at a specific point , i mean in the beginning or at the end ,

it is simple like these

i will connect the output from the satellite lnb to IN port of Power Divider
then i will connect Two output to Two Stbs,

is this all needed to done or anything more , also how can i determine which is master port of Power divider , i think master port connected stb decides what to see ?
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Thats right :up: u have to connect at the end point of cable,then connect 2 cables to 2 STB from the output in POWER DIVIDER .thats all u have to do .
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Ok , now what do you think of using a Dual Output Lnb , With It ,Will I able to Recieve all channels on Both the Output , and What about using an Stb with Output function, so that i will connect the output from this Stb to Another Stb , what are the Limitation to this Setup ,
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