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A gold mine
Kochi is considered as one of the best IT and ITES destination in India. Kerala and particularly Kochi has some of the best specialty health care facilities attracting domestic and international patients.

The multi billion projects planed and set in motion in Kochi are huge revenue generators and are expected to employ thousands of local professionals. In addition to this, these projects will indirectly be providing employment and income to tens of thousands more. Many other industries and businesses will also flourish alongside and the resultant economical improvement of the state will be great.

With all these cash flow and new employments there is one sector that is going to benefit greatly and that is the real estate sector in Kochi. The rise in the number of residential and commercial projects on an almost daily basis is evidence of that.

However most projects are still ongoing and will be completed only in the next few years time. There is already a severe shortage of available living space and the demand is driving the rent and value of available space high. The good news is that there is demand for all types of residential spaces in Kochi. The poor, medium class and the rich alike require accommodation in Kochi.

Current Kochi Flat owners are sitting on a gold mine. They can either rent their flats are good rates and ensure a steady income or sell the flat at a definite profit. Either way the appreciation of property in Kochi is making a number of people cash rich.
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Kochi thats one developing State.
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