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Advice with dth provider selection
Hi Esteemed Members,

I am looking at changing my dth provider , currently I am with TATASKY HD multi room annual mega pack.I am looking at AIRTEL Digital TV HD and D2H HD, My preference as mentioned below.
* good number of Tamil & Kannada channels
* good number of Hindi and English GEC
* max HD channels
* future proof with regard to TP capacity as I am aware how TS is hampered due to this.
* excellent customer service
*need to decide by march 20 as my subscription ends with TATASKY.


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I request the Mods and the Admins to move the tread to "General DTH discussion" section
My apologies for creating this tread in the wrong section.

Thanks and Regards
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go airtel dh

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Airtel has more channels than D2h.

Airtel / D2h

Tamil - 21 /19
Kannada - 13/11
HD -14/12
Hindi movies - 11/7
Hindi Ent 19/11
English movies - 10/8

Regarding customer care: most of the DTH's are almost same in this customer care service. People have complaints from all DTH service centres but there are many satisfied customers also (I have Airtel for the last 1.5 years and I have no major complaints so far about their CC).

Check both DTH Quality/Channel numbers etc prior taking a final decision.!
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u want tamil channel for go to sundirect but u want hinde channel dishtv for best my subjugation
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I think Nair has made it quite clear and to the point; though just adding some. At the moment, ADTV leads in all factors, except in CC service. Tatasky may come ahead some time, but surely it will take atleast 1 Year, as their only issue is TP scarce and the Mpeg2 technology they have adapted. They will have to replace all those subscriber's STB's to gradually move to better service with adequate TP and on top to a new satellite.

Some negatives with other providers in one word:
1. Dish - Issues with Channel rights (Star); HD Channels issue.
2. Videocon - TP Issue again.
3. Reliance - Measat sat is almost full and can not accommodate more unless they share more with SD.
4. SD - Good choice for south users, yet they miss many channels like Ten Cricket, and TP space again another major issue.

I think comparatively 1+ for ADTV, however it can change anytime as nothing is permanent.....

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:happy:yes mr.ab

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