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American Accent ( MUST READ JOKE )
An Indian lady (NRI) returned from the US to India and is window shopping in Delhi.

Suddenly she realizes she is late for an appointment. She is not wearing a watch so she sees a small shop on the roadside and asks in a very American accent of the sardar owner "What's the time?"

The sardar is a very patriotic man and hates desis / Indians with a foreign accent. He replies back in the same accent, "Bra-panties."

Confused the lady asks again, "No! No! What's the time?"

The sardar again answers back, in the same accent, "Bra-panties."

Seeing the confusion between the two, another sardar comes to the rescue of the lady and says, "O papaji, tusi samajh nahin paaye"" Kudi twade kol puuch rahii haigayee!!"

The angry sardar shouts back at him, "Tow main bhi to oonoo time hee Bata rahan hai barah panthis (12.35) !!!"

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