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Analogix Creates Low-Power HDMI Transmitter
[Image: eq6nts.jpg]

Imagine having HDMI, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi activated on your portable device all at the same time. The battery wouldn't last one hour before being depleted of every drop of energy it can provide. That is because it takes a lot of power to deliver high-quality transmissions of any kind. I've seen recent Bluetooth technology really lowering the power requirements for non-stop operation and Wi-Fi has been reduced to acceptable standards... but what about HDMI?

Well, Analogix has just announced the Ultra-Low-Power Analogix HDMI Transmitter, a gadget that will allow all users to stream High-Definition content from their portable device to a projector or flat-screen TV with near zero battery draining. The ANX7150 gets its power from the external display and not the mobile device itself, saving up to 95% battery power.

Let us see what Doctor Kewei Yang, Chairman and CEO of Analogix Semiconductor, had to say, “The ANX7150 HDMI transmitter is a unique product that positions Analogix Semiconductor well for the era of high-definition video on portable and mobile devices. […] Through world-wide patent-pending technology, the ANX7150 draws almost all the power it needs from the display itself and not from the battery in a handheld device. In that way, it is the first of its kind.”

Soumendra Mohanty, Senior Director of Marketing at Analogix Semiconductor, added that “With the ultra-low-power ANX7150, we are excited to work with Mobile handset and Portable multi-media player makers to enable devices with CoolHD HDMI transmitter capabilities. […] As device manufacturers continue to incorporate high-definition video playback into their portable products, consumers will be more willing and able to enjoy the content on their portable devices with the full impact of high-definition video playback on a large display. The product will significantly extend battery life.”

If this invention performs the way the maker says, I think we'll soon be hearing a lot more about the ANX7150.

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