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Announcing Sabayon Linux 4.2 CoreCD Edition - A minimalistic version of Sabayon

Kelly Schwartz from the Sabyon team announced a few days ago the immediate availability of the CoreCD edition of the popular Sabayon Linux 4.2, a Gentoo-based operating system. The CoreCD is a minimalistic version designed to provide the base for building your own Sabayon Linux system. Sabayon Linux 4.2 CoreCD is available for the x86 and x86_64 architectures, featuring a custom Linux kernel 2.6.29, with support for the EXT4 filesystem. However, it is only available as a text-based release.

"The CoreCD release is targeted to advanced users who want to take full control of the features and packages installed on their system. Sabayon’s Entropy package manager can be utilized as soon as the CoreCD release is installed to quickly build out the installation based on the users exact requirements. The CoreCD also has the capability to install packages using the Portage package management system." - Kelly Schwartz said in the official release announcement.

Highlights of Sabayon Linux 4.2 CoreCD:

· CD and USB bootable ISO image under 400 MB;
· Text-based installer;
· Basic networking activated by default;
· Portage and Entropy ready.

Sabayon Linux 4.2 CoreCD is also targeted towards users who want to create their own operating systems based on Sabayon. In order to run Sabayon Linux 4 on your personal computer, make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements:

· Intel Pentium Pro, Celeron, AMD K6-2, Pentium II or Athlon CPU
· 512 MB of RAM
· 10 GB of free hard disk space
· Supported 2D video card
· a CD reader

About Sabayon Linux

Sabayon Linux 4 is a Gentoo-powered Linux distribution that offers a very attractive and easy-to-use desktop environment, out-of-the-box support for wireless networks, Adobe's Flash Player, Sun's Java technology, the open-source office suite, the award-winning Mozilla Firefox and Opera web browsers, Google Earth, Picasa, Adobe Reader, VLC and many, many more popular and useful applications and tools.

Download Sabayon Linux 4.2 CoreCD right now from here.

Sabayon Linux 4.2 CoreCD (ISO) x86
Sabayon Linux 4.2 CoreCD (ISO) amd64
Sabayon Linux 4.2 CoreCD (MD5) x86
Sabayon Linux 4.2 CoreCD (MD5) amd64

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