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Best underwater photographs of 2010
This picture gallery showcases some of the year's best underwater photography as chosen by the judges of two major competitions - the Our World Under Water competition and the fourth annual Deep Indonesia International underwater photo competition. Prizes for the events were worth over $120,000 (£74,000). The two competitions attracted over 5,000 entries and winners were picked from 20 countries across the world.

[Image: turtle-net_1756207i.jpg]
"Underwater Sadness" by Ramon Dominguez - a sea turtle caught in a net in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico

[Image: sweetlips_1756232i.jpg]
"Untitled" by Jose Alejandro Alvarez - sweetlips in unspecified location

[Image: stargazer_1756225i.jpg]
A stargazer in Blue Heron Bridge, Florida, by Keri Wilk

[Image: shrimps_1756224i.jpg]
Harlequin shrimp (Hymenocera elegans) in Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia, by Francesco De Marchi

[Image: shrim-peggs_1756233i.jpg]
Stephen Holinski of Canada took Gold in the compact cameras category for his picture of a mantis shrimp with eggs

[Image: shark-baitball_1756191i.jpg]
Sand Tiger shark in a school of fish in North Carolina, by Jeremy Kozman

[Image: shark-and-fish_1756211i.jpg]
"The boss and the gang" by Tamas Szabo - a lemon shark with pilot fish in Red Sea, Egypt

[Image: seal-on-ice_1756219i.jpg]
"Leopard on ice" by Jonas Thormar - a leopard seal in Antarctic Peninsula

[Image: seal-mouth_1756218i.jpg]
Other award winning pictures included a dramatic picture of a leopard seal snapping its jaws directly at the lens of Bartosz Strozynski, landing him the gold award for animal behaviour. "I was playing with the seal," said 35 year-old Bartosz from Poznan in Poland. "They are curious and they do try to test you in the water. This one saw his reflection in my lens and must have thought I was another leopard seal. So she displayed her teeth as a warning."

[Image: seahorse_1756217i.jpg]
The competitions threw up other gems such as this picture by Lazaro Ruda of the United States, showing a male sea horse moments after he gave birth to his first born

[Image: sailfish_1756221i.jpg]
"Hitting Sailfish" by Alexander Safonov - a sailfish attacking schooling fish in Port St Johns, South Africa

[Image: lion-fish_1756209i.jpg]
Lion fish with schooling glassfish in Red Sea, Egypt, by Amir Stern

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