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Bharti surprised at her trio’s unity
Bharti Singh one of the contestants of Sony’s Comedy Circus-3 is surprised over the strong sense of unity that’s developed among her trio.

Bharti Singh, the chubby bubbly contestant of Sony Entertainment Television and Optymistix' Comedy Circus- Teen Ka Tadka, is delighted over the oneness that's developed between herself and her two teammates.

Bharti says, "It's amazing how within such a short span of time I, Sharad and Pareshji have grown so close to each other. If any one of us makes any mistake we cover up for the other very quickly. It hasn't happened even once that the judges have gotten a hint that one of us missed a line (smiles)."

There is a funny angle to her surprise too. Says Bharti, "I too wonder, how three people with no common interest, no similarity in height or weight, can grow so close so soon?!"

Bharti lets us all in on a secret. She says, "Till date Sharad is the only person who hasn't forgotten his lines. There have been instances when I and Paresh have forgotten our lines. But nowadays even Pareshji doesn't forget his lines. I think I have a lot of catching up to do."

But given Bharti's talent for immediate pun, we wonder if forgetting lines is any problem at all!

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