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Bhuvan Is A Big Hit - ISRO Info Site Has Initial Glitches, Though
Mumbai: It was a lift-off with a bang. Nearly 15,000 users from as many as 46 countries had registered till Friday evening with Bhuvan, ISRO’s new geographical information website that was launched on Wednesday.

As it was taking off, it considerably slowed down and even got grounded with a disappointing, all-familiar announcement on the computer, saying: “Unable to access website.’’ The huge demand for Bhuvan created a major problem in the first 48 hours because of enormous pressure on the server which ISRO officials admit was something unexpected. An user said: “It was extremely frustrating. I see that people from abroad have blogged about their inability to log on to Bhuvan.’’

Hyderabad-based National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA) director V Jayamaran told The Times of India: “Twenty-four hours after the launch on Thursday, 11,000 people immediately registered with Bhuvan. On Thursday, at any given time, there were 300 users.’’ The NRSA, a part of ISRO, played a key role in designing and developing Bhuvan. Jayaraman explained that the problem arose because of compatibility with users’ computer system or the lack of it. He said those who succeeded in accessing the portal gave positive feedbacks. “There have been negative responses, too, largely on account of users facing difficulties in accessing the website,’’ he said. “There were also questions about downloading the plug-in which have since been answered,’’ he said. The website can be accessed on A random check with those who were able to access the website showed that while most were happy with the 3D features, which, according to them, was better than Google Earth, they felt Bhuvan could still be more user friendly.

  • While zooming on various cities, the side bar about different states makes no sense at all to an ordinary user
  • In the section relating to various features about Bhuvan, many complained they were unable to see the sidebar which contained a number of menus
  • Quite a few did not want to register because they are asked the purpose of registering with Bhuvan. They feared that intelligence agencies will monitor their use

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Its far better than wil be good if it available on mobile also
[Image: mybbsig.php]

[Image: EC78A3F636F6CFBAA678E28AA8852E7C.png]
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IT may do good at start any which ways it is a copy of Google Earth it may not do so good in future.
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