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Big Problem
i am vey upset with my KAON show frequntly One msg
what i have understand is this that A new Channel is Adding in Your List.But When i check my List No Channel is Adding.
So what is This Message for?
And Why it Flashes Again and again after Few Seconds?
please Help me out.
I am sending The Picture of this?
and Is There Any Option to Disable IT?


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I think it is the software problem. when i bought SD in 2007 even at that point they were showing this kind of msg but now they rectified it.Dish tv needs to concenrate on this minor issues.
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Might be it appears due to new software update and i hope as it update once fully then this msg will disappear automatically.

Have you face this every time when you on your STB.
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(05-14-2009, 11:07 AM)saurabh_g Wrote: Might be it appears due to new software update and i hope as it update once fully then this msg will disappear automatically.

Have you face this every time when you on your STB.

New software!!! from when....?? pls give details dear friend Saurabh_g.....i am waiting for more changes in Dishtv

Also @ Mazhar
Go to channels search in ur Menu and do 100% channel search
Then also if you get it Go to Stb info ->press Red (or) Ok button -> select the home transponder -> then go to OTA option {software upgrade} then your stb will get started again & probably this icon would disappear:jump:

Do it & do tell what happens:happy:
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Might be his STB has a older version and auto updating latest software version.
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When I try to update OTA is displayed msg "NIT not find"
what nit?
and plz tell me what is the procedure to update my Kaon Stb?
and Tell me How can I UPDATE my KAON Stb Myself?
and What is the latest Version of KAON?
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My Kaon Stb Ver is 2.1.6 and model is KSF-100 MCO
Customer Care says that it cant be Updated >
So what is the Solution ?
They have activated my VC and i am not getting Channels of my Package
Plz pLz any one Help me
Any one help me
why my VC card Channels are not running.CS says that they have activated Vc No.
but i am not getting Channels.
plz give me Solution.why my card is not working.and channels Show
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