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Breaking News : Gemini Image Project 3
The New Prject g3

This weekend we will start a new age with Gemini. The age of the Gemini plugin (The Gemini Project 3).
What does it mean for you:
* You won't get full Gemini-images from us.
* You have to flash an image of your own choice (we recommend the iCVS, DMM release or experimental,...)
* You have to install the Gemini Wizard (already included in the iCVS)
* With the Gemini Wizard you can install a full- or baseversion from the Gemini plugin and it's components.
The advantages from the new Gemini plugin are clear:
* You get a plugin, that you can install in every image, which you can update every time you want.
* You can decide on your own, how comprehensive your Gemini plugin is (every Gemini app can be installed seperately)
* You can do updates online for Gemini and DMM innovations without reflash your box.

What is already available in the Gemini-plugin:
Of course every start is difficult, because the Gemini-plugin was coded all up new from the ground.
The already available functions are:
geminiplugin - Gemini Bluepanel desktop with Cam-Center, Devicemanager, Quickbuton, Filemanager,...
gemininfs - Gemini app to configure the NFS server
geminictorrent - Gemini torrent app
geminiweather - Gemini weatherinfo app
geminicccaminfo - Gemini CCcam informations app
geminiwebcam - Gemini webcam app
geminirssreader - Gemini RSS reader app
geminirezapp - Gemini rezapp app
geminidreamlpd - Gemini printserver app
geminiupnpc - Gemini UPnP client app
geminihttpd - Gemini webserver app
geminiushare - Gemini UPnP mediaserver app
geminisambaconfig - Gemini app to configure the Sambaserver

Further informations and a more detailed description of the Gemini plugin will you find in our Wiki on Gemini release.
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