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Breaking News : Laptops, cell phones cause male infertility

With a laptop on his thighs and dressed in a skin-fit denim, he is sipping coffee and engrossed in work. Welcome to the world of busy, globe trotting professionals. The result: Nearly one in every five men aged between 18 and 25 have an abnormally low sperm count.

Male infertility is to be blamed for up to 40% of cases where a couple is unable to bear a child, said Dr Kamini A Rao, medical director, Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre. “The radio waves in laptops and mobile phones harm sperm count,” she said.

Even the cover of the laptop has chemicals which have estrogene degradation products, harmful for fertility, she added. Caffeine intake too adds to the problem. “Caffeine present in coffee is harmful for sperms. Sperm break occurs due to high dose of caffeine,” she said.

Smoking too drops sperm count. A lifestyle change is the need of the hour to improve the condition. Dietary changes, breathing exercises, playing a sport and taking antioxidants in the form of fresh fruit juices have positive effects on sperm count.

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