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Breaking News : {Pics} "ZEE_SANGAM" is Now "INDIA_24x7" on Insat-4A/4B
"ZEE_SANGAM" is Now "INDIA_24x7" on Insat-4A/4B

Friends Now : "ZEE_SANGAM" is Now "INDIA_24x7" on Insat-4A/4B @ 83* & 93.5*East, So see some ss details. This channel is also available on Ku band.

HERE ARE SS OF INSAT_4A/4B at 93.5*East:-

[Image: TV2015102413592900_zpskwsapklt.jpg]

[Image: TV2015102421473400_zpszpwfbjct.jpg]

[Image: TV2015102421493600_zpsbnxb7coe.jpg]

[Image: TV2015102415324700_zps4wa6qoci.jpg]

[Image: TV2015102415323300_zpsixkbzh9o.jpg]

Images for the opening of this new 24x7 channel....The CEO subhash chandra in the above pictures.
C-Band: 38E, 68E, 75E, 76E, 78.5E, 80E, 83E, 91.5E, 100E,105.5E  
Ku-Band:3E, 7E, 9E, 10E, 16E, 21E, 25E, 26E, 36E, 38E, 42E, 45E, 48E, 52.5E, 53E, 55E, 60E, 74E, 75E, 76E, 83E, 91.5E, 93.5E, 95E, 100.5E, 105.5E, 108E
Thanks given by: Sathish

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