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Breaking News : "Robo Leaks" on Puthiyathalaimurai TV to have a 'Robo' as Newsreader
[Image: 550d4948377bf6f7b418a7e39b30d860_M.jpg]

Chennai : The leading Tamil news channel Puthiyathalaimurai TV is known for its uniqueness in offering a trendy new age infotainment programs is in to yet another innovative concept in its upcoming program "Robo Leaks" with an animated 'Robo' as the news anchor.

It is indubitably for the first time, a robot has been made the news anchor of an infotainment show.

In "Robo Leaks" the anchor and the robot of the show discuss various issues over a space ship.

The interest is sustained when the Robot gives out the unknown tales of events. Viewers become rather inquisitive to know the unknown facts of a known story.

Thus the show has been titled ‘Robo Leaks’.

Speaking to RBU Shyam Kumar CEO - New Gen Media said "This is yet another effort of our strong editorial team, who are continuously yearning to reinvent themselves.

The presentation of the available news in an interesting infotainment format is for our weekend viewers. They are not only informed but also entertained.”

The Robot with the resembling features of an 'Iron Man' also shares interesting information that is on social websites, You tube and the like. It is common to view any happening as another news item. But the entire perspective changes when Robot, gives a detailed background information of the same, to help children to understand any event. Robot has many agents worldwide, from whom he derives and delivers a complete picture.

Robo Leaks commences on 6th December, will be aired on every Saturdays and Sundays at 10.30 PM.

The channel has titled the program as 'Robo Leaks' as the Robo will be giving the information on various national and international issues.

The word 'leaks' seems to be derived from 'Wiki Leaks' due to the similarity in purpose of revealing the information to general public.
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