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Breaking News : Schwarzenegger mulls a comeback
Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is planning to return to acting. Schwarzenegger's tenure as governor will come to an end in January next year.

Said Schwarzenegger, "It could be that fighting climate change would be the main thing. It could also be that it would be one of five things that I would do. It could be showbusiness. It could be business in general."

Schwarzenegger had successful careers in films, politics and bodybuilding and thinks he has thrived in each of these areas because he knows where his strengths lie.

"My whole life I was always very ambitious but I was smart enough to always look, what is my talent, what do I have to offer the world? Then you go with that," he quipped.

Along with considering a return to acting, Schwarzenegger is launching a global war on climate change and admitted while it is difficult to interest people in environmental issues.
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