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Breaking News : Spider Designs Self Balancing Skateboard: Great fun, but is this one for the road?
Spider Designs Self Balancing Skateboard's is a pretty fun device, but mastering it can be an art.

Spider Designs Self Balancing Skateboard costs close to Rs 35,000 but is it worth a buy?
I just enjoy watching FailArmy videos on YouTube. Of late, people falling off hoverboards is becoming more and more common. That is why I jumped on the opportunity to review the Spider Designs Self Balancing Skateboard. I can already see people starting a Google search on what this is. So let me start with an explanation.
Spider Designs Self Balancing Skateboard
I guess all of us know what a Segway is. No visualise a Segway without the handle. Yes, almost likes a skateboard, but with the wheels placed sideways. This skateboard, however, is electric powered, though it still needs some help from your body, or body weight to be more precise. The board switches on when you step on it, one leg at a time. Once you balance yourself, the board is ready to move. This is the bit I like the most. To move ahead you just need to lean ahead, and lean back to move in reverse. The more you lean, the more speed it will gain — but not more that 12 kmph. The board stops when you stand straight on top of it.
Rs 34,550
Not as easy as it sounds
Well, the instructions are simple, despite the weird Chinese English booklet that comes in the box. However, riding this beast is not that simple, at least not for the less adventurous people like me. For me, getting on top and balancing was as much a problem as getting off. So there is no need to say that staying in balance when the board was on move, brought out a cold sweat. I, however, devised a failsafe: hold one of the office chairs with wheels for support.
Balancing on the skateboard is not easy and definitely not for everyone.
Not tough for everyone
I am an exception, maybe because of my age. My younger colleagues had no problems mastering this little two-wheeled rig. They could stay on and keep moving, some too fast for my liking. For those who get the grip of how this works, the smart skateboard can be both fun as well as functional.
I preferred to use a chair when trying out the Skateboard.
Something extra
The Smartboard can sync with a smartphone and play music using the speakers on it. I thought that this feature was pretty useless, unless you want to ride under blinking lights in a street square to acquire some spare change. Also, the speakers are a bit too loud and blare every time you switch on the board. There is also a key that lets you switch the board on/off and lock it when not needed. I couldn’t get this to work.
Who should buy
This can it can be a good way to move around in offices that have large campuses. Yes, it’s good for homes too, if you have one of those large mansions. Also, if you are struggling with odd-even in Delhi this could be an option, though a slightly risky one.
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