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<img style="float:left; margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px ;" src=""/>Comsfibre has developed an launched a unique new product - the GS902 Super Linear Fibre AGC Node.

In a typical CATV optical distribution network, the optical signal received at the end of the distribution trunk varies. The optical level variations are caused by a change in the optical fibre loss in the distribution path. Losses can vary due to tension as well as sharp bends or notches in the Fibre optic cable as well as large changes in temperature. Though such changes are small, their cumulative efforts over a 10 Kms distribution trunk can yield significant changes in the level of the final optical output received by a distant cable network from an MSO located several Kms away.

Changes in the optical input signal received cause corresponding changes in the RF output of any Node that receive the optical signal. These changes in RF signal are further amplified by CATV distribution amplifiers. To avoid any RF output changes even if the optical input varies, Comsfibre offers its GS902 Super Linear Fibre AGC Node.

The GS 902 accepts an optical input ranging from -6 dBm to + 3 dBm and provides a fixed RF output, irrespective of the optical input level. The RF output can be users set between 100 dBU to 105 dBU. The GS 902 utilises a specially developed optical module from NGK-Japan. The optical node operates for any optical input of wavelength from 1250 nm to 1610 nm. Hence it easily covers both 1310 nm & 1550 nm wavelengths used for CATV distribution.

The GS 902 optical AGC Node provides the option for a reverse transmitter module, for reverse path optical transmission. Its RF output can be configured with user selectable pads for either a 2-way splitter output or a tap (- 8 dB) secondary output.

RF amplification is provided by a high quality hybrid IC. A dual SMPS provides for either 230 VAC or power pass operation.

The GS902 Super Linear Fibre AGC Node is supported by a 2 year unconditional replacement guarantee on the complete unit. It is priced at Rs. 5500 + taxes.

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