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CentOS 5.3 Live CD Released - For the i386 processor architecture

The CentOS Development Team announced today the immediate availability of their CentOS 5.3 Live CD Linux distribution. This version is based on the previously released CentOS 5.3 for i386 processor architectures. In order to make the ISO fit on a single 700 MB CD, the Emacs, K3B and Scribus applications had to be removed. Still, these can easily be installed through the "yum install" command, even while running the Live environment.

CentOS 5.3 Live CD can be successfully used as a powerful workstation, by having the following applications included: 2.3.0 office productivity suite, Mozilla Firefox 3.0.6 web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird E-mail client, Pidgin 2.5.5 instant messaging client, XChat 2.6.6 IRC client or GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) 2.2.13.

For system rescue operations, CentOS 5.3 Live CD also comes with the following software:

· Memtest86+ 1.65, an advanced memory diagnostic tool;
· Nmap (and its frontend, NmapFE) utility for security audits;
· Traceroute
· Samba 3.0.33 complete with CIFS (Common Internet File System) kernel support;
· System Log Viewer
· GUI Hardware Device Manager
· A full set of LVM and RAID CLI (command line interface) tools

"[...]We are looking at a major upgrade for the next release of the CentOS 5 LiveCD, and are taking on ideas, suggestions and code contributions for this. If you have any ideas, do come and talk to us!" was stated in the official release announcement.

About CentOS

CentOS is a community enterprise operating system, based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux sources and available for the following architectures: Intel 32-bit, Intel IA-64 (Itanium 64-bit), 64-bit (AMD's AMD64 and Intel's Intel 64). Additionally, CentOS is a 100% free Linux distribution fully compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Download CentOS 5.3 Live CD right now from here.

CentOS Live CD 5.3 (ISO)

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