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Clonezilla 1.2.2-26 Is Powered by Linux Kernel 2.6.30-3

Steven Shiau announced yesterday, July 25th, the immediate availability of a new stable release of his system-cloning Linux distribution, Clonezilla 1.2.2-26. The new version is now powered by Linux kernel 2.6.30-3 from and it introduces a couple of important bugfixes, as well as software updates and new additions.

"This release adds the newer kernel 2.6.30-3 from, the new upstream syslinux 3.82, the newer partclone 0.1.1-15, and genisoimage instead of mkisofs." - Steven Shiau said in the release notes.

Highlights of Clonezilla 1.2.2-26:

· Linux kernel 2.6.30-3 (from;
· Syslinux 3.82;
· Partclone 0.1.1-15;
· mkisofs replaced with genisoimage;
· Workaround for saving FAT filesystems without using Partclone;
· Added the Smartmontools application, designed to monitor and control hard drives;
· Improved in order to allow USB devices /dev/ub[a-z];
· ocs-onthefly received the --rescue option, for Partclone;
· Various other bugs were fixed.

About Clonezilla

The Clonezilla LiveCD is a minimal Linux distribution based on Partition Image, ntfsclone, DRBL and udpcast. It allows you to massively clone computers simultaneously. Unlike the Ghost for Unix/Linux LiveCDs (G4L/G4U), Clonezilla saves and restores only used blocks in the hard drives, which increases the clone efficiency. The Clonezilla LiveCD was born to bring more power and competence to your hard disk partitioning and cloning tasks.

Clonezilla LiveCD supports the following filesystems: ext2, ext3, ext4, reiserfs, xfs, jfs, fat16, fat32, ntfs and hfs+. Therefore, you can clone Linux, Microsoft Windows and even Intel-based Apple Mac operating systems. For other filesystems, Clonezilla uses dd to dump the whole partition.

Download Clonezilla LiveCD 1.2.2-26 right now from here.

Clonezilla LiveCD 1.2.2-26 (ISO)

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