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Clonezilla Live 1.2.2-14 Improves Mac OS Cloning
[Image: 2e6an7m.jpg]

Steven Shiau announced today, May 18th, a new stable release of his system-cloning Linux distribution. Clonezilla 1.2.2-14 is using the Debian Lenny repositories (as of 05/17/2009) and is powered by Linux kernel 2.6.29-4 from

"We are happy to announce Clonezilla live 1.2.2-14 is the new stable release. In this release, we have switched to use partclone as the default imaging program, use newer kernel, and some other improvements, e.g. Mac OS disk to disk clone is support." said Steven Shiau in the official release announcement.

Highlights of Clonezilla 1.22.22-14:

· Ext4 support in Partclone;
· The option -z4 (LZMA algorithm) was added for drbl-ocs and ocs-sr;
· Added a new filename format for partition images;
· Separate Beginner and Expert modes were added; the Beginner mode will load the default parameters;
· There is now the option of mounting HFS+ partitions with the "-o force" parameter;
· Added default NTFS support in Partclone;
· Updated language files;
· Syslinux 3.80;
· The program was improved;
· Ocs-onthefly will now ask for y/n input in its questions;
· Bug reporting is easier through the ocs-live-bug-report program;
· Added w3m;
· /home/partimag will be created when booting;
· The live-netdev parameter was added to live-initramfs;
· Clonezilla ISOs are, from this release, hybrid, meaning users can transfer the Live image to flash drives;
· Users can now enter the command line interface from ocs-live-necfg;
· Save and restore tasks menus are now properly arranged;
· Canceling image or device name input yields an additional "exit" option;
· The ocs-onthefly will prompt the command and options while running in interactive mode;
· Partclone.ntfsreloc will change the start sector in the metadata of NTFS partitions data after restoring;
· Memtest, freedos and network boot will use the syslinux/isolinux submenu;
· The "-g auto" option will now only search for the grub config partition within the restored disk;
· Fixed a bug that prevented ocs-live-dev from using grub to create bootable Clonezilla live devices;
· Fixed a bug in partclone.ntfs that incorrectly displayed the size for current NTFS volumes.

About Clonezilla

The Clonezilla Live CD is a minimal Linux distribution based on Partition Image, ntfsclone, DRBL and udpcast. It allows you to massively clone computers simultaneously. Unlike the Ghost for Unix/Linux LiveCDs (G4L/G4U), Clonezilla saves and restores only used blocks in the hard drives, which increases the clone efficiency. The Clonezilla LiveCD was born to bring more power and competence to your hard disk partitioning and cloning tasks.

Download Clonezilla LiveCD 1.2.1-53 right now from here.

Clonezilla LiveCD 1.2.2-14 (ISO)

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