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DSTV - MultiChoice Africa Satellite change

Intelsat 10 (68.5E)
By indika Perera
When DStv launched in Africa there was no other satellite available that covered our territories other than PAS4 which was later replaced by PAS10. (Now called IS10) The problem with C-Band is the high cost of entry for a subscriber due to the bigger dish required. In 2000 MultiChoice acquired a Ku-Band satellite serving Sub-Sahara and all new subscribers had the opportunity to rather subscribe to W4, the Ku-Band satellite, needing only a small (cheap) dish. (The subscriber still had the choice of using C-Band, an option many Hotels preferred) The contract with IntelSat on IS10 expires in Q2 2010 and since MCA migrated from W4 to W7 (a much more powerful satellite) the need to keep using IS10 fell away. One must remember that IS10 covers much more than the MCA broadcast territories which is Sub-Sahara and piracy is a big issue in India, Pakistan, Middle East, etc. where scrupulous operators distribute DStv content illegally on cable networks. Not that MCA looses subscribers but that MCA's legal obligations to stay within its territories were the problem. For those C-Band subscribers that paid ahead will not lose their money when they migrate to W7. MultiChoice even offers subscribers a free new decoder if he still has one of the legacy, first generation ones. And as the holding statement below states, MCA now has more capacity to launch additional services, some including High Definition channels, a luxury that did not exists on IS10 due to the lesser capacity available on it.

MultiChoice Africa
Satellite change – C-Band (IS10)
Holding Statement

MultiChoice Africa constantly strives to improve its DStv service to subscribers and invests in new technology to ensure that subscribers enjoy the best pay television services available.

The IS10 (C-Band) satellite is an old satellite which no longer has sufficient capacity for new channels and technology and will soon reach the end of its commercial lifespan. It is thus necessary to move all DStv subscribers currently on the IS10 platform to the W4 platform which is able to provide a broader range of channels as well as capacity for high definition (HD) channels.

Subscribers are encouraged to contact their nearest MultiChoice Customer Care centre to find out what the requirements for the satellite change are.

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B4U Music launches in Africa on DSTV

Quote:B4U Music, the Bollywood music channels has launched in Africa on the DSTV platform.

B4U Music is available across all of the packages on DSTV, and will be the only Asian music channel available on the platform in Africa.

B4U head of business and international distribution Ashok Shenoy states, “We look forward to working closely with platform like DSTV. We aim to pioneer the Bollywood genre and create a wider appeal amongst the local audience, by launching B4U Music on to the basic package of the DSTV Platform.”

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