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DTH News : About SUN DIRECT HD (coship h8760a)
Dear Everyone,

I recently bought SUN Direct HD (coship h8760a). Before buying the HD I googled and read most of the post about review of SUN Direct HD. But, unfortunately I'm not able to get the information what I want. Now I have answer for all my questions, I like to share the same with everyone, hope this will help for some one who is going to buy in future.

1. What are all the feature supports from SUN Direct HD STB?

I noticed there are different STB available from Sun Direct (like Samsung, CoShip etc). But unfortunately we can't select the product at the time of ordering. Distribute will give only what they have or available. Some one who come across multiple STB can give the differences between all these STB.
Here I'll give the feature available in Coship H8760A STB.

- Record the live programs.
- Pause the live program - This will record the program in back ground.
- We can Play after pause, still the program will continue its recording.
- We can schedule the recording, we need to mention channel name, start date time and end date time. we can add alert before recording.

All above videos stores in the external memory attached thru USB drive. Memory device should be FAT32 format. (Im not yet verified the maximum capacity support). I added 1 TB external drive with 10 GB FAT32 partition, it supported.

While recording HD channel we can view only any one of HD Channels. Same applies to SD channel ie while recording SD channel we can't view HD channel.
We can record maximum of 2 parallel programs.

All videos are stored in the PVR folder of external storage. These videos can view only thru same STB. This is because of encryption with private key in the setup box. files are stored in the format of "DATAxx.trp". No forums has answer for view videos in computer or converting recorded videos to other format.

STB also support to view photos and mp3 from external device.

How HD videos are coming in Sun Direct HD?

Not all programs are HD in SUN TV, K TV and SUN Music HD. This is known information. Only possible videos are coming in HD, remaining are comes in small region remaining are black color.

-> This is my one day observation of SUN Direct HD, Soon I'll update more information.

Thanks given by:

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