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DTH News : Tiny Core Linux 3.5 Released
Tiny Core Linux 3.5 has been released, the first update of 2011, coming two months after the previous one. A few packages have been updated, notably BusyBox and the FLUFF File Manager, and there are a lot of changes for the inner workings of the minimalistic Linux distribution.

Highlights of Tiny Core Linux 3.5

· Tce-audit false 'delete' messages cleaned up;
· Tce-remove now supports tce-audit/appsaudit;
· Wbar_rm_icon updated to support tce-remove;
· Added highlight on FAILED md5 checking to appsaudit;
· Wbarconf - more bar position options added;
· Services now support nested daemon starting;

· Appbrowser Mirror Selection updated to support mirror.tcz extension;
· Tc-config crond call updated and removed duplicate crond script;
· Scripts cleaned up to remove extra spaces for smaller files;

· fsck replaced by busybox fsck;
· Thinkpad_acpi.ko moved from base to extension;
· Corrected typo in .desktop item for fluff file manager;
· Corrected permission on protect option bfe file;
· New logo tag line. "Fast. Easy. Modular. Extendable."

· BusyBox 1.18.3 plus additional patches;
· Zsync 0.6.2;
· FLUFF file manager 0.8.9;
· New autoscan-devices and rotdash compiled - for improved boot performance;
· Updated tc-functions for call to autoscan-devices;
· Updated tce-audit builddb to not force fetch of all .dep files when no tce.db exists;
· Updated appsaudit to support removing ondemand uninstalled extensions without rebooting.

About Tiny Core Linux

Tiny Core is one of the smallest Linux distros out there, weighing in at just 10 MB, but still providing a full graphical environment. It is designed to be a highly mobile distro coming with just the bare-bones minimum, Linux 2.6 kernel, Busybox, Tiny X, and Fltk.

It does not come with an extensive suite of applications or functionality, and not all hardware is supported by default. However, extra packages and features can be easily installed, on-the-fly via the built-in tools.

Tiny Core Linux 3.5 (ISO)

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