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DTH News : Twitter 'Your Online Timer' Scam Spreading Fast
Installs rogue application capable of harvesting your personal secure data

Twitter has become a popular medium for spammers, with all types of scams appearing on the social network to con users. After the 'Time on Twitter' survey scam we had reported around a couple of weeks ago, now there is another survey scam application called 'Your Online Timer' by the same scammer is making the rounds. This time round, Twitter users are asked to compare how long they have been using the Twitter service. Users are advised to beware of this potentially rogue application according to a report by IT security and data protection firm Sophos.

The offending links are being circulated on Twitter in messages containing the following text:
"I have spent 379 days on Twitter. How much have you? Find out here: [LINK]"

The link takes the user to a rogue application, asking you to click on a link, which asks the user to authorize the 'Your Online Timer' application to access and update his/her Twitter account.

Once this application is authorized, the user is taken to a website claiming that it will find out the time spent by the user on Twitter to date, and a page pops up a survey, earning the scammers money for each questionnaire completed by the scammed user.

This application then tweets the same text as above, but this time from the victim s Twitter account and directs the victim to a page presenting a revenue-generating survey, which is again a scam. While this may seem harmless, it is not really know how much private user information the application may extract and make available to unauthorized people.

If you have already allowed this application to access your account information, then you must revoke access to this application through your Twitter account settings.

Graham Cluley, Senior Technology Consultant at Sophos advised, "Viral scams like this are commonly encountered on Facebook, but are now being spread by their creators onto Twitter too. It's possible that the people behind these attacks view Twitter users as a softer target, who might generate them more income," He added, "Social networks have a responsibility to protect their users from scams and spam - but ultimately it's down to the user to think very carefully before handing over the keys to their social network account to a complete unknown application. If the application's access to your account is not revoked, the scammers could use it to spread other messages - potentially including links to malicious websites, phishing or other spam campaigns. The last thing you want is for your Twitter followers to believe that you are being sloppy over your account's security, and potentially putting them at risk too."

Twitter users are therefore advised to be vigilant about this new outbreak. Have you also been affected by this scam? Please let us know in the comments section below.
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