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DTH News : Watch On Cartoon Network

28 November 2010, Sunday @ 11 AM

Amar Chitra Katha

Amar Chitra Katha comics, one of the greatest sources of Indian fables, epics and mythology, and entertainer of generations comes alive on Cartoon Network! Amar Chitra Katha stories have been loved by people across age groups from our parents to our grand parents and continue to be special to our hearts. Cartoon Network translates the comic magic to the animated series and entertains the entire family with the unforgettable and classic Amar Chitra Katha stories.

Keep watching Amar Chitra Katha for more fun, learning and adventures.

28 November 2010, Sunday @ 12 PM

Balla Bowl

Cartoon Network the premier of a new film ‘Balla Bowl,’ a great new story that focuses on the most defining of emotions – the definitive quest and struggle to succeed in the face of overwhelming odds!! This animated movie is centered on – you guessed it, Cricket - a sport that enjoys the status of religion in India.

So sit back and be introduced to a new ‘Sachin’, a twelve year old school-going boy whose passion and love for the game leads him to form an eleven member team to compete in the biggest school championship. The twist in the tale is that while Sachin is cricket obsessed, his school, B.K Municipal High, is not supportive of his focus on the game. Balla Bowl artfully journeys down a road that highlights the emotional and perilous trials and tribulations of a motley bunch of kids led by Sachin, each with his own drea and proble, finally coming together when it matters most to emerge as glorious winners and in the process, change the history and perception of the game of cricket forever.!

28 November 2010, Sunday @ 1:30 PM

Arjun & the Adventures of the Ice Lotus/ Arjun aur Heem Kamal ki Khoj

Go back to the age of Guru-Shishya tradition. At a time when Guru was seen next only to God, five students have a task at hand.

Arjun, Bheem, Duryodhan, Ashvathama and Suvarna join forces to fight Yaki – the arch rival of their great Guru Dronacharya. What ensues is a battle that teaches them much more than just war cries and bravery stunts.

Be a part of their adventures and escapades, only on India’s number kids’ channel, Cartoon Network.

29 November 2010, Monday @ 10:30 AM


Omkar is the story of Karthik, Ganesh, Lakshmi, and Saraswati- the four children of Shankar and Annapurna- all of whom live together in a small village. Find out about their adventurous journey in Omkar.

29 November 2010, Monday @ 5 PM

Beyblade Metal Fusion

The battle between the good and the evil continues where Gingka struggles to find the strength to defend his world and the honour of Beyblade.

A new cast of characters take on the continued battle between good and evil. Gingka, our hero, and his group of loyal friends take on a dangerous group called the Dark Nebula. The Dark Nebula’s sole mission is to take over the world and unleash their evil upon it; but before they can do so, they must destroy Gingka as he is the only person that’s strong enough to stand in their way. The plot thickens as friends become enemies and enemies become allies. Everything starts and ends with Gingka as he struggles to find the strength to defend his world and the honour of Beyblade.

30 November 2010, Tuesday @ 4 PM

My Giant Friend

In the beginning of 2020’s, on the planet Earth, an evil organization called the SDC (Space Development Center) is hunting down all Aliens who arrive on the planet, to carry out terrible experiments on them and harvest the cosmic energy they need to become masters of the universe. Linus, Taki, Iris and Monroe, founders of the school Astronomy Club, decide to do everything they can to ruin the SDC’s plans. Helped by Linus’s best friend, BOOM, a six foot four inch tall Alien who has the power to change into a human, and thus go unnoticed (or almost), every day after school they set off on missions to free the unfortunate extra-terrestrials captured by the SDC.

Watch the exciting adventures of aliens on the new show-My Giant Friend exclusively on Cartoon Network.

30 November 2010, Tuesday @ 4:30 PM

Roll No 21

Kanishk, who has just become the principal of Mathura Orphanage, is definitely not the large hearted philanthropist that everyone thinks him to be. His is devious and is plotting the biggest revenge plan… he is going to corrupt the children in the orphanage and turn them into his army of zombies and monsters.

The Holy Council of Gods gets an SOS from the undercover in the Orphanage and discusses how to manage this further. Krishna is then chosen by the Council and is being sent to the Orphange, in the form of a normal school boy - Kris, to protect the kids from the evil principal.

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