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DTH Updates : This festive season, beware of allergies
New Delhi: Holidays are meant to be the happiest time of the year. And who doesn't want to deck up the house for New Year's? And yet, watch out for allergy attacks.
Dust from boxes of stored decorations, fresh trees, scented air fresheners and even live plants can cause allergies.
Dr Suranjit Chatterjee, senior consultant, internal medicine, Apollo says, "People who have respiratory problems are also prone to haivng chest infactions and they have a problem. When they get exposed to all the allergens they can have an acute problem ."

In fact, while Diwali is one of the worst festivals for those suffering from allergies and respiratory problems, winter proves to be quite a handful for those pre-disposed to either.

Nandini, a houswife says, " I am very fond of decoration but Imake sure that all my ornaments are dust free before I put them up otherwise they set me off coughing and sneezing very badly."Some tips to keep allergies at bay this holiday season - wear a mask to avoid inhaling the dust, avoid scented candles and home fragrance oils and take a pass on the potpourri simmering pots.

Far from creating an inviting home, the fragrance aggravates the sinuses and respiratory system, making it hard to breathe.Also keep humidity in check as best as you can, since it encourages the growth of mold.

Last but not the least - save yourself some sneezes next year by storing decorations in large plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. That will reduce dust buildup on your treasured items.
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