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DTH Updates : Will U LOVE Ur Girlfriend Like this
Say With Love Dhan NIrankar Ji

There was a blind girl who hated herself because C was Blind.

C Hated Every1, Except her Loving Boyfriend. He was Always There 4 Her. C Told her Boyfriend, 'If I could only C the World, I Will Marry U.'

1 Day, Some1 Donated a Pair of Eyes 2 Her. When the Bandages Came Off, C Was Able 2 C Everything, including her Boyfriend.

He Asked Her,' Now that U Can C the world, will U Marry me?' The Girl Looked at Her Boyfriend & Saw that he Was Blind. The Sight of his Closed Eyelids Shocked her. C hadn't Expected that. The thought of Looking at them the rest of her Lyf led her 2 Refuse 2 Marry him.

Her Boyfriend Left her in Tears & Days later wrote a note 2 her saying: 'Take Good Care of Ur Eyes, My Dear, 4 B4 They were Urs, they were Mine.'

This is How the Human Brain often Works When our Status Changes. Only a Very Few Remember what lyf was Like B4, & Who Was always by their side in the most Painful Situations.

Today Before U Say an Unkind Word - Think of Some1 who Can't Speak.

B4 U Complain About the Taste of Ur food - Think of Someone Who has Nothing 2 Eat.

B4 U Complain about Ur Husband or Wife - Think of Some1 who's Crying out to GOD for a companion.

2day B4 U Complain about Lyf - Think of Some1 Who went 2 Early 2 Heaven.

B4 U complain about Ur Children - Think of Some1 who Desires Children but They're Barren.

B4 U Argue about Ur Dirty House Some1 Didn't Clean or Sweep - Think of the people Who R Living in the Streets.

B4 Whining about the distance U Drive - Think of Some1 who Walks the Same Distance with their Feet.

& When U R Tired and complain about Ur Job - Think of the Unemployed, the Disabled, & Those Who Wish they had Ur Job.

But B4 U think of Pointing the Finger or Condemning Another - Remember that not 1 of us is without sin & V all Answer 2 One MAKER.

& When Depressing thoughts seem 2 Get U Down - Put a Smile on Ur Face & Thank GOD U R Alive & Still Around.

& B4 U Think of Signing out, Please think of Sending this 2 atleast More N More people.

[B]God Bless U & Dhan Nirankar Ji.
:bad looking:

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I think there was a better option with the boy to take the girl to the eye donate hospital instead of donating his own eyes.
But in this story only boy love the girl truly.
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