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Did you know???
Sometimes we face problems on tata sky so i have got some info which i am writing in a hope that it may help the tata sky subscribers....

1. More than one TV!!!!


Tata Sky service on 2nd, 3rd or 4th TV in your home is referred to as a multi-room connection.


The connection is linked to the primary connection, but requires a separate digicomp for each TV.
There is a 50% waiver on multi-room charges. The choice of channel packages available on the multi-room is same as those enabled on the primary connection.


Each multi-room connection costs Rs 125/- per month; immaterial of the packages subscribed to on the primary connection.

2. Moving home?

Any shift of your Tata Sky hardware arising out of moving your TV to a new room in your current home or moving to a new home altogether is termed as RELOCATION.
Should you be moving home, you are advised to carry Tata Sky digicomp, the Tata sky minidish and the cables with you. Once you have settled in your home, call the Tata Sky helpline to schedule a relocation. Charges that apply are-:
a.) Relocate within same house- Rs 350/-
b.) Relocate to pre-wired house- Rs 350/-
c.) Relocate to unwired house- Rs 600/-
d.) Relocate multi-room- Rs 1000/-

3. Technical issues?

should you face any technical difficulties with your Tata Sky hardware that has not been resolved by talking to the helpline, a Tata Skyengineer will visit your premises. The cost of such a service visit is Rs 350/-. This charge will be applicable when your digicomp is out of warranty period or if you do not have an Annual Service Commitment(ASC). This charge will be debited to your Tata Sky account.

4. Trouble shooting!!!

Basic technical checks before you call the helpline:-

- Digicomp is on Power On mode after recharge.
- LED on the digicomp and adapter should be glowing all the time.
- Appropriate mode, i.e AV or RF on your TV has been selected.
- Batteries are functional for the remote to function.
- In case of blank screen, switch off your digicomp and TV from the main power supply for 10 secs before you turn it on again.
- Call the helpline from your RMN and use option 5 to resolve your technical issues to help them identify the issue better.

5. Annual Service Commitment ( ASC )

Tata Sky offers an ASC for the hardware that is not covred inder base warranty for an annual charge of Rs 500/-.
To avail of this, you need to call the Tata Sky helpline. An engineer willvisit your premises, complete a technical visit and help you sign up the ASC. your account will be debited for the charges.

6. No signal?

If your screen displays

- Check if your account has been recharged. If not, leave your digicomp on 'power on' mode and recharge your account.
- If you have already recharged, leave your digicomp on 'power on' mode and stand by until your services resume.
- If the services do not resume in an hour, sms HR to 56633 from your RMN.

7. Helpline!!!

From MTNL/BSNL lines: 1860-425-6633

Toll free helpline: 1800-180-6633 (max. 5 minutes)
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Thanks chill_sahil1091 for the info. Smile
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thank You :dance1: , chill_sahil1091
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Big Grin 
thanx for the info Shail buddy.....the multiroom package is best in TAta(SKY as we dont need to pay any extra for topup's/even higher package it costs only Rs.125/multiroom:up:
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very good information will help ts users
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