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Differences from DM800 HD PVR to Cloneboxes
Here a list of the known differences between an original DM800 DH PVR and a plagiarism.

Housing screws

The Housing screws of the DM 800 are for tin metal sheet with a rough thread.
[Image: Schrauben_DM.jpg]

The Housing screws of the Clone 800 are with a fine thread.
[Image: Schrauben_Clone.jpg]

The screws at the back of the DM 800 differ from those of a clone 800. The screws for the eSATA connector are silver all other screws are black.
[Image: Schrauben_DM_2.jpg]

The screws at the back of the Clone 800 are silver up to the two housing screws.

[Image: Schrauben_Clone_2.jpg]

Surface of the Housing

The frame cover of DM 800 is painted with a structure.
[Image: Gehaese_DM.jpg]

The frame cover the clone 800 is painted brilliant.
[Image: Gehaese_Clone.jpg]

HDMI Kabel

The original HDMI cable of DM 800 is bound together with a rubber band
[Image: HDMI_Kabel_DM.jpg]

The HDMI cable Clone 800 is packed a bag.
[Image: HDMI_Kabel_Clone.jpg]

Power Supply Unit

The original Power Supply Unit of a DM 800 should look in such a way.
[Image: Netzteil_DM.jpg]

This is a Power Supply Unit from Clone Boxes
[Image: Netzteil_Clone.jpg]


The modem of a DM 800 is pasted with a not leading foil and on the back of the modem are components (IC, resistor …) to be seen.
[Image: Model_DM.jpg]

At the modem of a Clone 800 is missing the foil as well as the components.
[Image: Modem_Clone.jpg]

DreamBox Security SIM Card

The SC in the DM 800 is clearly to recognize marked and with a resin or an glue fixed.
[Image: SC_Card_DM.jpg]
Under the SC Card of a DM800 there are a lot of printed signs.
[Image: Dss.jpg]

The SC of the Clone is blanc and not fixed. On new Clone versions are SC Card´s with Hologram.
[Image: SC_Card_Clone1.jpg]
Under the SC Card of a Clone there are a hand marked sign in this example an "A".
[Image: Dss_clone.jpg]

CPU Cooler

The DM 800 have no CPU Cooler.
[Image: CPU_DM.jpg]
The Cloneboxes have a CPU Cooler.
[Image: CPU_Clone.jpg]

Label on mainboard

This DM 800 Mainboard are labelet with 800 REV: and the 14 pin connector is right of the sata connector
[Image: Bezeichnung_Platine_Clone.jpg]

On this Clone Box Mainboard is a label with DM800 REV: and the 14 pin connector is left of the sata connector

[Image: Bezeichnung_PlatineDM_800.jpg]

Security Hologram

From July 2008 until June 2009, a Security Hologram was attached on the packing as well as on the rear side of the unit. Newer boxes again ship without this hologram.

Instead, in the future a plugin shall be available, calculating a verification number that can be entered and checked on Dream Multimedia's website.
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