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Dream Box 500S

Dream Box is another type of FTA receiver which is widely used in North america . In India slowly it is getting in to market . Also you should have some knowledge of computer to enjoy this box as well to operate.
I found that reading ..reading is a must to understand this box.
Please visit the following link and download manual, which is written by somebody but in very simple terms, easy to understand . Yes it would be nice if the Dream Box is in front of you !!! Please go through this manual and I am sure you will have some idea of Dream Box.


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can we watch all the channels in dreambox?
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(10-18-2009, 09:19 AM)Ananya Wrote: can we watch all the channels in dreambox?


The basic necessarry to operate Box and watch channels from any Sat, you HAVE to have internet , Box is connected to Modem or PC for internet. Without Internet this Box is of no use in India.

Dream Box is capable of receicve and transmit channels from ANY sattelite.
Once you have Box then you need to BUY "C line " C line is nothing but codes which have to be install in dream box. This C line method is only in India . In North America dish and Box , rest you get it from forum like this ( keys ) .
Once you buy C line then you can watch following Sats. Mind you , people get confused that once C line install they can watch all channels from the list . but that is NOT the case.
Say you have regular 19 " dish and is pointed towards Intelsat 12, ( Dialog TV ) , from Sri Lanka, then you will be able to watch ONLY dialog TV and not other sat.

say If you want to watch Dish TV of India then you point your dish to NSS6 , 95 E and all Dish TV channels will be wide open.

If you have larger diameter dish 6' or 8' , you might cover more than one sattelite and config. your box for two or three sat.

If you have Motor SG2100 that you can attach to 19 " dish , you can watch watever you want from the list as by remote you can rotate your dish and point towards that sat.

There are few people in India who are saleing C line . One have to be careful when buying C line .
They all have their own server and you need to know ,whos server is stable and who gives service 24/7, Otherwise some server goes down once a day or many times a week . and when ever their server goes down your box goes down.( Can not watch TV )

The C line will include following Sats.

ZEE Asiasat3s New Full
Vision Asia Package
Dialog TV Full
True Vision Full
Multichoice africa Full
Dish Tv India Full
Bigtv Mpeg4
ISKYNET Full on 138E
C-sky-net Full on 76.5 E ku band
C-sky-net on 146E ku band
C-sky-net (Same as 76.5 E ku band ) 108.2E ku band
TASC Full on 128E C band

I hope I have answered your question with proper information .

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for free.....?
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(10-18-2009, 09:52 AM)Ananya Wrote: for free.....?

Nothing is free in this world !!! ha ha ha:happy:

if you are talking about C line then it is 100 US $ or 5000.00 RS per year with 24/7 service .
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i thought free ha ha ha :hysterical:
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(10-18-2009, 10:41 AM)Ananya Wrote: i thought free ha ha ha :hysterical:

Good to have wishful thinking !! Box cost around Rs 5000 and C line Rs 5000 . Box available in India .
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can i get it in odisha?
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(10-18-2009, 01:20 PM)Ananya Wrote: can i get it in odisha?
I am sorry. I have poor knowledge of places in India. Never heard of odisha !! or you meant Orisa ?

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ya orissa is now odisha
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