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Eating an egg a day can up type two diabetes risk by 60 percent
Melbourne, Nov 21 : Eating an egg every day can raise the risk of developing diabetes, a shocking new study has found.

What’s more, intake of more than a couple of eggs a week can make the condition worse in those who already have diabetes.

Scientists in Australia have urged that type 2 diabetics and people at risk of developing the blood glucose condition should limit their egg intake after a US study found them to be detrimental to their health, reports News. com. au.

According to Harvard Medical School scientists, eating an egg every day may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes by about 60 per cent.

Women were most susceptible, with females consuming seven eggs or more a week increasing their risk by 77 per cent, the study found.

Dr Michael Dr Gaziano wrote in the journal Diabetes Care that eating just one egg a week carried no increased risk.

The study reached the conclusions after tracking the egg-eating habits of almost 57,000 men and women over two decades. (ANI)
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