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Elive 1.9.24 Is Out, Now Based on Lenny
[Image: i1bu39.jpg]

The Elive team proudly announced last night yet another development release of their GNU/Linux Live CD, Elive 1.9.24. Among various improvements and bugfixes, this new development version of Elive is now based on the stable version of the Debian 5.0 (Lenny) operating system. Without further introduction, let's take a closer look at the changes of this release:

· Based on the stable version of Debian Lenny;
· Improved Enlightenment 17 window manager;
· Added the Reiser4 filesystem (available only as a kernel module);
· Fixed the kernel headers issue in previous releases;
· Added Scite as the default text editor;
· Added the ability to preview FLV videos in Thunar;
· Fixed the irritating pop-up message in MPlayer, if the audio drivers were outdated. Moreover, some hotkeys were added for the CLI version;
· Improved the sensitivity of Macbooks' touchpad;
· Fixed an installer bug, when executing integrity verifications on a machine with erroneous clock/time;
· Added LVM in the installer;
· Added RAID in the installer;
· The Slovenian, Canadian and Swiss keyboard keymaps were improved;
· The language can be selected when using unetbootin.

Elive Linux sports a large number of applications, ranging from office and Internet related apps, to games and entertainment. With Elive, you can watch movies, listen to your favorite songs or chat with friends. E17, the development version of the Enlightenment window manager that comes with Elive Unstable, is brought to you from CVS, and is updated on a regular basis through Elive's testing repository. If you want to test Elive, it is recommended to use a computer with minimum 128 of RAM and a 300 MHz CPU.

Remember that this is an unstable release and it should not be installed on production machines. It is intended to be used for testing purposes only! You can report bugs to Elive's Bug Tracker.

Download Elive 1.9.24 right now from here.

Elive 1.9.24 Unstable (ISO)

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