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FTA(Free To Air) details india
Hi guys,
I found this place via google and got a lot of useful info. But there are some thing I dont understand about FTA as such. I would like to keep all those questions in one thread. Thanks for your help ..

1. What does "Free to Air" mean in india ?
2. Are the channels completely free for the receiver?
3. Since Indian govt doesnt collect television licence how do these channels make money? is it just by advertising?
4. I see some channels going FTA route(eg:- 9xm, kairali tv) eventhough i think some people might actually pay for it - what is the incentive ?
5. Are FTA channels in india the same as those provided by DD direct+ or are there more? how to access those?

i know its a long list but its better to keep it all in a thread..

thanks a lot,
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Hi Jaykert,
Good to see such a topic and I am sure many of IDF members can shed light more on this and give input. Providing what I have got here and hope many can elaborate more on it.

You may go through the following TRAI reports/files detailing the guidelines for down linking of television channels in India.

See Attachment-1

Policy Issues relating to Up linking/Down linking of Television channels in India
See Attachment-2

OK, now coming to your points:
1. As far as I know FTA in India can be defined as follows (from WIKI); Free-to-air (FTA) describes television (TV) and radio services broadcast in clear (unencrypted) form, allowing any person with the appropriate receiving equipment to receive the signal and view or listen to the content without requiring a subscription (or other ongoing cost) or one-off fee (e.g. Pay-per-view). In the traditional sense, this is carried on terrestrial radio signals and received with an antenna.

2. Yes, all those channels FTA, are completely free until they provide as free. No subscription fees to be paid.

3. Indian Govt' does collect fees for license of all the channels down linked or up linked from/to India. (Refer to Page No.39 of attached file-Attachment-2)

4. The FTA channel's main source of income is through Advertisement. Some FTA channel does pay even the DTH's or Cable's a fee in order to increase their viewer base.

5. There are a number of C' Band free-to-air channels you can receive from 83*E (Insat-4A), 66*E (Intelsat-17), 68*E (Intelsat-10) Asissat-5 (100.5E) etc. The list goes on. The issue is you got to have many dish (6Fee-C Band) or One large dish which can add sub-LNB's to tune to all those sat's. However, the desired position for Indian channels is 83*E, which carries many indian north/south lang channels. DD Direct is a govt's free DTH service and provides all DD channels and some other lang channels which can be fixed with a small ku band dish. There are efforts from I&B to add more channels in the near future i believe, as they have already invited TV channels to quote for carrying channels by DD Direct.

Hope these info comes to your help... You may go throuhg C' Band section of the forum to find more on available FTA C' band channels from different Satellites.

Attached Files
.pdf   FinalDownlinking05.12.11.pdf (Size: 76.9 KB / Downloads: 209)
.pdf   rec22july.pdf (Size: 482.79 KB / Downloads: 171)
Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.. for tomorrow never comes.. live today!!!
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Besides the above two attchments, the following may also be read with

Further just browse this
You'll get all the required information
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mr.AB and samanth,
thanks for the "to the point" anwers . sure will go through the documents ...

If you have anything to add that might be useful to others regarding FTA in india do add them here ..

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