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Forum Rules
Hi Members,

Please follow the rules

If you don't like how things are, please post in the suggestion forum and let us know.

Along with this, if you are trying to do something that is against the spirit of the rules below, but is technically allowed, you will get an infraction and be banned.

If you do something that is not nice, but is not specifically mentioned in the rules, you will get an infraction or be banned.

Rules are subject to change.

Follow the Rules... Or else

Seriously, Follow the rules. If you don't you will get an infraction. Three strikes and you are out for 5 days. If you are really outragous about it, you may be banned on the first time, but everyone will usually get at least one warning.

1 infraction is just a warning.
2 infractions will cause you to only be able to view threads. you won't be able to post or pm for 5 days.
3 infractions is a 5 day ban.
4 infractions is a permanent ban.

Forum Language
This is a discussion forum, so people from all parts of world visit here. If you write in your regional language they won't understand it. So our official forum language is "English". I request you to communicate in English only

Treat the Mods with respect

Please treat my Mods with respect. Talk to them the same way you would talk to me. They are what makes the site work, so treat them good.

Be Respectful

Do not be cruel, hurtful, mean, insulting, racist, or any kind of hateful for no reason. We pride ourselves here on our friendliness and do not want to scare new people away. This is what sets us apart from the other sites, so please do not screw this up by talking down to and belittling other members especially newbies.

Don't Hijack Threads

Do NOT Hijack threads. This is where you post a question or comment completely unrelated to the thread. It is confusing to everyone and if there is an answer to your questions people in the future will not be able to find the information. Posting is free so just start a new topic in the correct section.

Search FIRST, then ask

Search the forum first for symptoms to your problem. We have over 41,000 posts so chances are, someone has had your same problem. Just search to see if you can find your answer in the forum first, it is faster and keeps things less cluttered.

Names and Avatars

Avatars and Names may be (almost) anything you want. We are sure you can figure out what is acceptable, if you can't we will let you know.

They can not be pornographic in nature. Some things are allowed but most are not.

No registering names that are similar to any of the staff.

Signatures with links to other sites are not allowed.

Posting other People's information

If you are going to post something that you read somewhere else do either of these:

1) rewrite it, so that it is yours and not someone elses so we don't get accused of plagerism or copyright infringement.

2) post that it came from another site. i don't want a link to the site, but please mention that you did not write it.

ie: "Guys, big news, this came directly from the manufacturer's website."

Do NOT PM Mods or Admins for Help.

DO NOT PM Mods about helping you with your special situation. They are busy enough. They are not going to get to you any faster. If you post in the forum, chances are the more experienced members will get to you and help out. This way, everyone can benefit. This is a forum, not a private message haven so that you can get your own private issue resolved. PM should only be used to send private information to someone else. Not to get support.

No Spamming

No spamming allowed period. This includes using pm's to send people invites that were not asked for. We encourage everyone to report any cases of spamming to the Admin and/or Mods. Please forward a copy of the Spam. If the Spam is found to be valid, the offender will be banned and advertising is not at all allowed.

One User, One account

Please only sign up once unless you are stuck and can't get your username or password because you don't have access to your e-mail. This way we can keep an accurate count of the members in the database and it isn't clogged up with fake accounts.

Posting Links

Posting links to other forums/sites/ personal blogs as source or answer are not allowed.

Card Sharing & Keys

Asking to give details about card sharing and asking keys are not allowed as it is ILLEGAL here in India.

X Rated contents

Posting "X" Rated contents [Via PM also] are not allowed.

Thanks given by: Prachetas

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