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Four possible options for the IPL
New Delhi: With the second season of the Indian Premier League running into severe danger due to the elections, here are some options for Lalit Modi and Co.:

The 1st option on hand - IPL can shift from main venues to smaller venues like Dharamsala, Cuttack, Raipur and Ahmedabad. By adding on to the number of grounds they already have will logistically mean that they can conduct more matches keeping security concerns in mind & the willingness of the states involved.

The 2nd option is a fall-back option where they might split the IPL into two parts. The first half of the tournament will be held now and second half after India's tour of west Indies in July. But that will be a logistical nightmare in terms of availability of international players and the cost of the tournament.

The third option is that this year IPL can be truncated. A shorter version where every team plays seven matches, on neutral venues, instead of home and away. This means sponsors will not get value for their money and will be forced to return part of it. This can cost IPL close to Rs 400 crore and franchises may have to shell out some of their personal sponsorship money.

The last option is no IPL at all in 2009.

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