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Funny Adds
Colgate Add
[Image: funny_1123.jpg]
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Here are some more funny ads. Smile

[Image: funnyadvertisement1.jpg]

[Image: funnyadvertisement2.jpg]

[Image: funnyadvertisement3.jpg]

[Image: funnyadvertisement4.jpg]

[Image: funnyadvertisement5.jpg]

[Image: funnyadvertisement6.jpg]

[Image: funnyadvertisement7.jpg]

[Image: funnyadvertisement8.jpg]

[Image: funnyadvertisement9.jpg]

[Image: funnyadvertisement10.jpg]

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[Image: funnyadvertisement11.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement12.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement13.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement14.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement15.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement16.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement17.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement18.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement19.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement20.jpg]

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[Image: funnyadvertisement21.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement22.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement23.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement24.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement25.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement26.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement27.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement28m.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement29.jpg]
[Image: 2nl7ko5.jpg]

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[Image: 2s99jdj.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement32.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement33.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement34.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement35.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement36.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement37.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement38.jpg]
[Image: 9aajrl.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement40.jpg]

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[Image: 20ze89s.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement42.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement43.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement44.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement45.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement46.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement47.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement48.jpg]
[Image: 2hdqyrl.jpg]
[Image: funnyadvertisement50.jpg]

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