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General News 19-year-old Indian Harsh Songra’s unique Android app catches Facebook’s Sheryl ...
19-year-old Indian Harsh Songra’s unique Android app catches Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg’s attention

Harsh Songra, a 19-year old from Bhopal has developed an interesting Android app called My Child. In just a few clicks, the app tells parents if their newborn is likely to suffer from any type of developmental disorder. Impressed with the young boy’s efforts, he was recently praised by Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Over the past few months, there has been quite a buzz for creating awareness on mental illness and other disorders. However, we still have a long way to go, both in terms of understanding the problem and removing the stigma associated with it. When it comes to India, there are a handful of school children that suffer from some or the other type of learning disability.

As there is limited awareness and understanding related to early learning disorders,Harsh Songra decided to develop an app to help parents screen mental disorders. By feeding simple data, parents can easily figure out if their child has any type of learning or developmental disorder.

Why Harsh built the app?
Though Harsh has been bright and intelligent since childhood, in sixth grade, he failed in one of the subjects. At the parent-teacher meeting, the teacher didn’t support him. Instead, the teacher told his parents to send him to a special school for disabled children. Due to this, his parents were hurt and distraught.

The incident stuck in Harsh’s mind, which was exactly when he decided to develop something to help other parents to easily screen disorders. At very young age, Songra’s father, a hardware engineer taught him to use a computer. Harsh then used computer games to overcome the movement and coordination problems that dyspraxia disorder brings along.

After turning 16, Harsh learnt Android programming as he felt that technology was the apt solution. After a lot of errors, debugging and trials, Harsh finally came out with the app that can screen those developmental disorders within 45 seconds, something that took his parents over nine years to figure out.

The My Child app takes inputs such as child’s weight, gender and height along with some “yes or no” questions. The app then displays results informing about the areas of concern in the child and also suggests the required action that needs to be taken.The app can also recommend specialist doctors to the parents.

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Thanks given by: jenius-jatt
Harsh Songra has done a great job & interesting application develop by him ,Thanks for sharing bro
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