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General News 5 best Windows 10 tools to control bandwidth
At times, it gets really annoying when you are about to download a file from the Internet and all of a sudden, your bandwidth quota is over. Generally, ISP offers fixed quota for uploading and downloading every month, but if you exceed you might be getting some extra charges for that.

Observing your bandwidth is a good idea, where you will get to know about the congestion, true connection speed, and much more. In this article, today, we have listed out 5 top free bandwidth monitoring tools that will help you monitor internet consumption.

[Image: 14-1510644569-bitmeter-os.jpg]

BitMeter OS

This free and open source software is used to monitor the speed of Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. With this, you can view your internet connection usage through different graphs and charts displayed on the web.

Here, you also have graphs that get updated every second on the monitor. Moreover, you can also set notifications and alerts, when your bandwidth usage goes beyond the limit.

[Image: 14-1510644578-freemeter-bandwidth-monitor.jpg]

FreeMeter Bandwidth Monitor

This is a user-friendly and lightweight tool, that helps monitor and analysis your network speed. In addition to that, it also allows you to see the real-time visual representation of any data. It comes with a small size display, that can be moved and placed in any part of the display. This tool can be also customized including, its interface like cycling colors, setting its darkness level, change the default frame and more.

[Image: 14-1510644595-shaplus-bandwidth-meter.jpg]

ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter

It has a small window pane on the interface that displays the network traffic status for the current day and the entire month. It doesn't disturb the system too much and goes smoothly on hardware resources.

[Image: 14-1510644560-bandwidthd.jpg]


This is another free tool, where it runs separately in the background and facilitates monitoring of the internet consumption. The usage of each IP address can be logged out every 3.3 minutes, 10mins, 1hr or 12 hrs. The noted log outs are available in cdf format or can be exported to a backend server.

[Image: 14-1510644586-monitor-bandwidth-usage-software.jpg]

Monitor Bandwidth Usage Software

This tool comes with a minimal yet responsive interface, where can see most of the activities. This tool is quick and efficient enough to record the monitoring function starting from one second to 24 hours.

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