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General News 90 cm mcbs Ku Band Dish experiments
I have installed my 90 cm dish, and have focussed it on Dialog tv (Srilanka) satellite at 45 degrees east... Will be posting the pics of the dish soon.... I am getting only one FTA channel : Buddhist TV from it...
Actually i wanted to check signals of Eurobird 2 fixed beam at 25.5 degrees east, but i got around 95 percent signal quality in one of the fixed beam transponders and thought that i have got the channels but due to some mistake i had caught Dialog tv (Srilanka) satellite.
Thanks to Sadiq sir from Belgaum for making me understand about the matter, as we had discussed it today in the evening.
I will post the pics of both the dish and the screenshot of the FTA Buddhist channel Srilanka tommorow...

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Hi Mr.biswajit.HD,

Waiting for the pictures of dish setup.
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Here are the pics of the Ku Band Dish set up :

[Image: FieDT.jpg]

[Image: q6XTT.jpg]

[Image: k106g.jpg]

[Image: yCSs3.jpg]

[Image: HXAg4.jpg]

[Image: t4snz.jpg]

[Image: KgpBW.jpg]

[Image: mxaIM.jpg]

[Image: RLVNH.jpg]

[Image: R9i6E.jpg]



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Screenshot of the Buddhist channel FTA on Dialog TV (Srilanka) coming soon....
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Nice work and very good quality dish Biswajit.
I suggest you try a few C-band channels with a Conical Scalar Ring if needed.

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[quote='biswajit.HD' pid='48176' dateline='1329538412']
good work..... keep it up dear....................................
and thanks for sharing multi LNB dish.... is it available to get multi LNB poles alone for fixing on the current Ku band dish


Gireesh Kumar
Satellite Enthusiast
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Exelent job i think u can do more with this dish
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