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General News A 6-year-old makes mango ice cream, gets paid Rs 1.35 lakh by Facebook
[Image: kisha_facebook_mango.jpg]

Remember when you were a four-year-old? Of course you don’t, neither do I have any memory from back then! Because we didn’t do anything worth remembering when we were four, other than falling, and struggling to form sentences. However, now six-year-old Nihal Raj aka Kicha has been cooking since he was about four-and-half years old, and not just anything, this little dude has his special ingredients.

Kicha has a YouTube channel, which is called Kichatube HD, the name of which by the way, was suggested by Kicha himself. A new recipe video is uploaded on the channel once every week, which is then shared on his Facebook page which goes by the name Kicha. One fine day, Kicha’s father Rajagopal VK received an e-mail from a casting agency to buy the rights for Kicha’s video on ‘How to make a mango ice-cream’. Initially, he thought the ad agency was contacting to cast Kicha in a commercial abroad, but it was later when he was contacted by Facebook that he realized that it was them who wanted to use Kicha’s video as a promotional commercial.

The family was delighted by the news as young Kicha was being recognized for doing what he loves.

Facebook proposed to sign a contract for non-exclusive rights of this video and offered to pay $1,000 (Rs 67,800 approximately) for Nihal’s talent, and another $1,000 for the video.

However, Rajagopal VK told BGR that Kicha’s interest in videos did not actually start from cooking. This entire episode incepted with his interest in watching unboxing videos. Rajagopal says, “He loved watching toy unboxing videos by Evantube HD and he always said that he wants to make videos like him, make money and go to America so he can meet Evan there.”

Kicha’s mother Ruby Rajagopal is a homebaker and the little one used to offer whatever help he could to her. One day, Kicha made ice popsicles using tang and water and insisted that his video be shot. For the fun of it, Kicha’s father posted this video on his own Facebook page. He said, “I don’t have a lot of friends on Facebook, but the ones on my list loved Nihal’s video and suggested that we made a page for him and did this as a regular thing. And that’s how all this began.”

We asked Rajagopal if Kicha talks about taking this up as a career as well, he replied, “Currently, people are accepting him for his cuteness and what he does as this tiny age, but things may not be the same in a few year. But Nihal enjoys the limelight and he is really working hard to make his videos better. He has been working on his accent so he is understood by people outside our country as well.”

“He says he wants to grow up to become an astronaut cook, and invent a microwave with its own gravity, so that he can cook in space,” proudly he said.

While most of us as children would have loved to spend at least half of this money on the things we love, Kicha on the other hand, decided to support an autistic child and pay for his education. He spent an entire day with the child, played with him and talked to him, before he decided that he wants to sponsor this child’s education. Nihal now feels happy that he could help someone with that money.

In this young age Kicha has done things we took over twenty years to just plan. There’s so much to learn from Kicha.

Airtel Digital HD Recorder / Kerala Vision Digital TV
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