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General News BSNL started online booking for India's first Internet Telephony(VoIP)Service 'WINGS"
BSNL started online booking for India's first Internet Telephony (VoIP) Service 'WINGS', Enjoy unlimited calls to any network from anywhere in the world

BSNL started online booking for India's first Internet Telephony (VoIP) Service 'WINGS' through BSNL official website or

[Image: bsnl-internet-telephony-voip-wings-service.jpg]

BSNL is the first Indian mobile operator to launch VoIP (Voice Over IP) - app based calling service which will offer many attractive features like video calling, call conferencing etc. The most interesting thing is that, you don't need to use a SIM card to get this service. The service can be availed on any smartphone or laptop or computer which is having an active internet connectivity.

BSNL Wings Service is a new NGN VoIP service facilitating Internet Telephony Service through Mobile/Laptop using any Internet connection. Wings Fixed Mobile Telephony is an 'APP' based calling service provided by BSNL which allows customers to initiate / receive VoIP calls within and outside the BSNL network either from his laptop / mobile i.e., calls can be made to any landline, mobile or BSNL Wings number and LFMT (Limited FMT) numbers. It uses the packet switching technology and makes communication possible over IP networks such as Internet without a SIM card.

[Image: l1HIueM.jpg]

Features of BSNL Wings Service

The Department of Telecom has approved Internet Telephony in India which allows SIM-less calling using 3G/4G/Broadband internet services or Wi-Fi. With this, the country moves a step ahead in achieving the vision of 'Digital India'. In the access side of Wings network, the last mile copper connectivity is replaced by Internet.

*10 digit wings number will be allotted to the customer without a SIM.
*High portability i.e. can be registered on any device of customer’s choice (PC, laptop or mobile).
*Voice and Video calling facility.
*All Landline services on free SIP VOIP soft phone applications.
*Attractive tariff where there is no fixed monthly charge and one year free calling to any network in India. *National and International roaming facility.
*Can be used from any operator’s 3G/4G/Broadband internet/Free Wi-Fi Hotspot
*Works on Windows, Android, IOS platforms
*Multiple wings connections can be registered on a single device using different SIP Client/Calling APPs.

FAQ’s on BSNL Wings Service:

1. What is BSNL Wings Service?
BSNL Wings Service allows customers to make and receive voice and video calls through the VoIP APP installed in the smart phone connected to any operator’s 3G/4G/Broadband Internet/Free Wi-Fi Hotspot.

2. What is VoIP or SIP?
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. This is the open–standard set of protocols for the packet technology utilized in this value Added Service (VAS).

3. What is the difference between the already launched LFMT and the new Wings Service?
With LFMT, subscriber can receive and originate calls through the APP installed in his smart phone connected on WI-FI to his BSNL broadband modem (within WI-FI range) or through BSNL WiFi hotspots. It is restricted to BSNL data service (broadband, ILL, etc.) as the path for the VoIP data packets.
Whereas, Wings subscriber can use internet connection from any operator’s 3G/4G/Broadband internet/Free Wi-Fi Hotspot to receive and originate his fixed line calls through the APP.

4. How it is different from voice calling on Other SIP based APPs?
In Sip based APPs, the called party should be online on the APP at the time of calling. Calls can be made only to customers using the same APP and not to any landline or mobile number.
Whereas, in Wings, customer can make / receive calls from any other wings as well as non-wings numbers like NGN, Mobile, ISD, NLD,LFMT numbers whether BSNL or non-BSNL.

5. What is the number allotted for wings and what is the use of the virtual number allotted?
A 10 digit Wings number (of NGN switch) will be allotted to the customer without a SIM and can be used for voice and video calling.

6. Does it need GSM connectivity like 3G/4G?
No there is no need to have a SIM or GSM connectivity for availing this service. Customer just needs active internet connection from any operator.

7. Does it work with Smartphone having SIM of non-BSNL service provider?
Yes. Wings works independent of any SIM. Any smart phone having non–BSNL SIM can also be configured with Wings facility.

8. Are there any fixed monthly charges?
No separate fixed monthly charges for Wings services at present.

9. What are the charges for outgoing calls?

Call charges are as follows:

Free to any network for One year in India.
International calls as per existing Landline Tariffs(MOU basis).

10. What are the charges for incoming calls?
There are no separate call charges for incoming calls.

11. What are the advantages of Wings?
*Video and voice calling facility
*One year free calling to any network in India
*National and International roaming facility
*Can be used on any free SIP soft clients
*Can be used on any operator's internet connection
*The service will give better voice quality where mobile signals are poor such as high-rise buildings or peripheral areas or deep indoors.
*The large phonebook/recording/logging and other features of a Smartphone can be utilized for making/receiving landline calls too.

12. Will it work outside the building viz., home/office?
Yes, as long as it is within the range of a WI-FI or there exists an active mobile data connection – this may extend indoors as well as outdoor.

13. Does it support Windows phone?
Yes, it supports Android, IOS and Windows too.

14. Can it work with a feature-phone?
No, since it is APP-based, it requires a Smartphone, in order to download the SIP soft client.

15. Can more than one 'Wings' number be registered in one Smartphone?
Yes, more than one number of connections can be registered on single device.

16. Can it work from any other Wi-Fi device like laptop or Phablet?
Yes, it can work from any type of smart Wi-Fi calling device like laptop, Phablet, which can download soft client.

17. Which are the SIP soft clients that can be used?
In Google Play store, several SIP soft clients are available for free download. Grandstream, Zoiper and Linphone are some recommended apps.

18. How to apply for Wings?
A specific CAF (Customer Agreement Form) is available in any of the CSCs (Customer service centre) of BSNL. It may be filled up & submitted, with the required documents. Email ID and Phone number are mandatory to apply for Wings.

19. Is there any additional deposit for this?
No additional deposit for Wings for national calling. However, for ISD (outside India territory calling), a deposit of Rs. 2000/- is to be paid.

20. Are there any free calls provided?
Promotional offer of One year free calling to any network in India is available.

21. Is there any registration or activation charge?
Yes. One time registration charges of Rs. 1099/- are applicable.

22. Is a similar service to Wings provided by any other telecom service provider in India?
Presently, this is an unique service provided by BSNL only.

23. Will there be a separate bill for Wings service?
No, currently promotional offer of One year free calling to any network in India is available. For further updates on Tariff and Billing, please visit BSNL NGN Website

Credit: Keralatelecom..
Airtel Digital HD Recorder / Kerala Vision Digital TV
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