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General News Google Introduced the Photo Scan App, Turn your Old Photos into Digital Images

Google has introduced the new ‘Photo Scan’ application for the smartphones. This app helps you in turning out the old print photos into the digital photos. This is one of the finest solution Google has introduced in turning your photos to digital images with your smartphone.

Google’s Photo Scan app can detect the image for straightening, eliminate the glare, detect the edges and crop the images properly. This unique thing about this app which differs from other photo scanning apps.

Photo Scan is the new application from the Google Photos. After scanning the images, you can save those images in the gallery on your phone. Not only just capturing picture of the picture, you can enhance the digital scans of your scanned photos. The computational photography technology is used in the application for the better scanning of the images. Check out the features of this Photo Scan Application.

Features of the Google Photo Scan App:

*Auto Cropping based on the edge detection of the photo.
*Straight and rectangular scans with the perspective correction
*Get the scanned images with glare-free scans by simple and easy steps followed after the capture.
*Smart rotation for your photos is enabled, so your photos stay right-side-up no matter how you scan them.
Scan the images in less time.
*The images are scanned quickly and easily. The scan time spent by the user is quick and fast. You can add the doodles on your childhood photos to remove the weird gestures or draw more things to show case them attractive.

The images scanned from and saved in the gallery are now back up in your gallery. Google photos will let you to search them easily and quickly. You can upload those scan pictures with the Google Photos and share them anytime with the simple sharable link.

Google’s Photo Scan app is available on Android and iOS platforms. Get the App from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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