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General News Google Now Shows Average Time Spent at a Location to Help Plan Your Visit
[Image: google_search_update_3472467234_google_plus_post.jpg]


*New feature to help you make itinerary for places you haven't been to
*No official word on the locations that will be available for this feature
*Google provided support for customised search for travel last week

Google is well aware that you use its search engine while making travel plans and it constantly adds new features to make it more convenient for you to make these plans. It has now added a feature to Search that lets you know the estimated time that people spend at a particular location, helping users plan their visit.

If you, for example, want to go to a place where you have never been, and have to prepare an itinerary for your travel, it often becomes really hard as you might not be aware of the amount of time that you will spend at a particular place. The new feature, visible under 'Plan your visit' sub-head in the location card, will come handy for these types of situations and will allow people to plan their trips according to the total time that they have in their hands.

The company made the announcement regarding this new feature in its Google+ post. However, one should keep in mind that the site only provides an estimate of the time that people usually spend at these places and individual preferences might vary a great deal. Therefore it will be advisable to do proper research about a location instead of solely relying on this feature.

Google has given no official word on the locations for which this feature will be provided but, presumably, it is likely to allow you this information for selective tourist destinations.

Last week, the company announced new updates to its search engine that help you find cheap flights and book hotels according to your needs. The update allowed customers to search for their preferred hotels using various criteria and filters such as smoke-free, pet-friendly, kid-friendly, and with laundry service.

Google also announced that in its searches, it will start highlighting deals where a hotel is available at a rate lower than its normal rate.

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